MST-MG denounces violence committed by the Zema government by allowing an eviction amid the pandemic

Eviction at Quilombo Camp Grande camp (MG) lights up alert during pandemic

The Landless Workers Movement – MST in the state of Minas Gerais comes to public to denounce the violent eviction carried out by the Military Police on the afternoon of this Friday, 14 August. In the middle of the pandemic, Governor Romeu Zema put the lives and health of thousands of people at risk, showing his disregard for the people, showing his cowardly and criminal face.

After 56 hours of resistance at the Quilombo Campo Grande Camp, the eviction scheduled for this Wednesday, August 12, took place with a violent police attack on the organized families. There were three days of tension, human rights violations and requests for Governor Romeu Zema to suspend the police action. The mobilization of the police apparatus brought about agglomeration, exposing not only the Landless families, but also the entire population of the region to the spread of the Coronavirus, including pregnant women, the elderly and others at risk group.

We denounce that the area of 26 hectares initially included in the judicial process n. 6105218 78.2015.8.13.0024, which were already unoccupied, was expanded to 52 hectares in the last order of the Agrarian Court and the police operation went beyond that determined by the injunction, destroying the houses and crops of seven families.

Once again, the State stands against the interests of the people and promotes an escalation of violence in the countryside. In addition to carrying out a direct attack on rural education, when the operation brought down the Eduardo Galeano Popular School, a place that gave countless children, young people and adults the right to learn to read and write.
This is what Governor Zema wants for the people of Minas Gerais. The project of violence and death that considers the interests of the bourgeoisie above all.

No more evictions, the governor needs to be penalized for the crimes he committed.

Even with the violations and losses, it is important to emphasize that in this arduous process, the unity of the working class and the national and international solidarity, denouncing and mobilizing against the neo-facism that is installed in our country, was fundamental for us to face the violence of the State with our heads up.

Thus, we reaffirm: we will continue to fight for the land and that the 450 families remain in the lands of the old Ariadnópolis Plant, producing healthy food for the Brazilian people.

Zero eviction.

State Directorate of MST – MG

August 14, 2020