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Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement launches over 700 pre-candidates for 2024 elections

The movement’s pre-candidates come from 12 political parties, but most are from the Workers’ Party

Population of Rio Grande do Sul still faces major obstacles to healthcare access after devastating floods

A health administrator from Rio Grande do Sul analyzes the state’s situation and sees a lack of coordination and the risk of misusing public funds in the upcoming municipal elections

The federal government launches the Harvest Plan, aimed at agribusiness and family farming

About US$ 85,1 billion may be allocated; President Lula will announce a ceremony at Planalto Palace

How long do we have to wait for the changes to begin?

Check out the article by João Pedro Stedile about the climate crisis

Popular Health Mobile Clinic brings health to communities in Zambia

Prompted by the experience of a recent cholera outbreak, the Socialist Party of Zambia launched a mobile clinic in the effort of making health care more accessible to everyone

Nurseries, and joint effort: how the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement intends to plant 100 million trees by 2030

Between 2020 and 2023, the MST planted 25 million trees and recovered 15,000 hectares of degraded land

MST settlements report lack of budget for infrastructure and basic rights

By Solange Engelmann With information from Agatha Azevedo, from Minas Gerais, Camila Maria Alves, from Goiás and Fernanda Alcântara, from São Paulo | From the MST Page | Translated by Friends of the MST (US) In the second part of the report, settled families complain about the lack of public investment in structuring life in […]

After 25 years of eviction threats and a months-long vigil, farm will become a Landless Rural Workers’ Movement settlement

Since 1999, 71 landless families are encamped in the 479-ha resistance community

“The government is doing nothing about agrarian reform. It’s a disgrace.”

In an interview, João Pedro Stedile, leader of the MST, gives a rating of three to the federal government’s land democratization policy and criticizes the low investment in programs to combat hunger.

Streets of Brazil continue to erupt in fury against the “Child Pregnancy Bill”

Thousands took to the streets in São Paulo on Saturday to protest the bill in the Chamber of Deputies that equates abortion to homicide

Feminists in Brazil mobilize against bill that equates abortion with murder

The Chamber of Deputies surprised many by pushing forward the discussion on a bill that equates abortion with murder and prohibits abortion even in cases of rape

Against the environmental crisis, the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement concluded the airdropping of 12 tons of seeds

Sowing in partnership with the Federal Highway Police was part of a plan to curb the environmental crisis

Landless Women Building Free Territories: 40 Years of Struggle for Agrarian Reform in Brazil

Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) celebrates 40 years of struggle tackling gender-based violence in rural areas

Brazil’s Flood of Austerity and Climate Catastrophe: The Twenty-Second Newsletter (2024)

In Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), millions are suffering from extreme flooding. Amid the waters, the Landless Workers’ Movement is focused on providing emergency relief

Here’s how to support the settlement families affected by the floods in Rio Grande do Sul

National and internation donations can be made on the Apoia-se platorm; contribute and help rebuild the settlements in RS

Health in times of climate chaos: floods in Rio Grande do Sul

Floods in Rio Grande do Sul call for immediate interventions to tackle health effects and long-term mental health repercussions. Calls to implement a National Environmental Health Policy increase among researchers and activists

The MST carries out actions to mitigate the situation of families affected by the flood in Rio Grande do Sul

Check out the MST’s main solidarity actions in the state, such as solidarity kitchens, rescue of the homeless, donations of materials and medical assistance

Letter from the MST on the postponement of the 7th National Congress

Check out the full document from the Landless Workers Movement on the postponement of the VII National Congress

During Red April, Brazil’s MST restates the importance of agrarian reform

The month marks April 17, when the International Day of Peasant Struggle is remember the 21 rural workers murdered by the military police in the 1996 Eldorado dos Carajás massacre in Pará

MST Campaign of Struggle in Defense of Agrarian Reform launches the slogan: “Occupy to feed Brazil!”

A national mobilization is underway to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the Eldorado do Carajás martyrs’ deaths and to celebrate 40 years of the MST’s struggles

The Political Organisation of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement (MST)

This dossier focuses on the MST’s tactics and forms of organisation and why it is the only peasant social movement in Brazil’s history that has managed to survive for over a decade in the face of the political, economic, and military power of Brazil’s large landowners

Across the country, the Landless Children stand in solidarity with Palestinian children

Around 40 schools, from 13 states, carried out educational activities against the genocide of Palestinian children

Legal Amazon records the lowest deforestation rate for January and February of the last six years, says Imazon

About 196 square kilometers were deforested in the first two months of 2024. Last year, it was 523 square kilometers

The MST takes to the streets against amnesty for coup plotters, asserting that ‘Democracy must be consolidated

João Paulo Rodrigues says the left will not accept granting pardon for those who participated on the January 8 attack

Inter-American Court rules on the murder of rural worker Antônio Tavares

Tavares’ killing occurred during an action by the Paraná State Military Police that injured 185 MST members

100% agroecological MST community conquers settlement in Castro, PR

The Maria Rosa do Contestado camp will be the first in Paraná to be regularized during President Lula’s third term

MST women denounce genocide in protest at the Israeli Embassy in Brasília

This March 8, the MST in the Federal District and Surrounding Area releases a note on protest against the State of Israel and solidarity with the Palestinian people

To celebrate March 8, women from the Landless Workers’ Movement will mobilize across Brazil

The MST will come out in defense of rural and urban workers working for agrarian reform

Contestado Settlement celebrates 25 years with two days of celebration, in Lapa (PR)

Community is made up of more than 160 families and advances agroecological production and local development

In 2024, Journey of Landless Women highlights the struggle for land, body and territory

Check out an interview with Lucineia Freitas, from the National Directorate of the MST Gender Sector, about the challenges and flags of the National Day of Landless Women

Global Action against the Use of Starvation as Genocide in Palestine

As a result of the deliberate actions carried out by the Israeli occupation of Palestine, hundreds of thousands of residents of Gaza are being denied access to sufficient food

Brazilian GDP grew 2.9% in Lula’s first year boosted by agribusiness and family consumption5

Agribusiness production increased by 15.1% between 2022 and 2023, while citizens’ consumption increased by 3.1%

The world stands with Lula and Palestine

The Brazilian President was recently banned from Israel after standing unequivocally with Palestine and against Israeli-perpetrated genocide

Mujica, Francia Márquez, and more: Peoples’ Integration Journey with an intense programming this Friday

Over 4,000 people may visit the Foz do Iguaçu Convention Center; in the evening, a political act will end the event

Brazil donates water filters and food produced by the MST to refugees in Africa

65 water filters and 8 tons of food were sent to Ethiopian refugees

Latin American and Caribbean Peoples’ Integration Journey starts today (22)

Activities will reunite 1500 people from 20 countries to discuss the articulation of peoples from the region

Education of the Countryside: 25 years of political-pedagogical legacy

We continue to fight hard against the closure of schools in the countryside and for decent conditions to work in them; in addition to facing the transport business and combating the EAD business

Amazon may reach tipping point by 2050 and speed up global warming, a study warns

Brazilian researchers say the pace of devastation seen in recent decades may lead towards the biome’s partial collapse

Will Bolsonaro be brought to justice for his role in the January 8 coup attempt?

On Thursday, February 8, the Federal Police carried out an operation that shook the Brazilian political scene

Chinese machinery may reduce triple working day of Brazil’s Northeast farmers

Equipment is undergoing trials in Rio Grande do Norte state and may improve quality of life in rural areas

Open letter on the MST’s commitment to the struggle and to the brazilian people

MST launches a commitment letter to the struggle and the Brazilian people on the occasion of its 40th anniversary

Environmental crisis is an effect of capitalism, not of humanity, says MST leader João Pedro Stedile

Stedile participated of the third day of the International Conference of Via Campesina

Official note from  MST on the tragedy at the Terra e Liberdade encampment in Pará

Encampment Sem Terra in Parauapebas last Saturday (09) accounted for the death of nine people, due to a fire that started during internet installation

MST launches a game presenting the movement’s 40-year struggle for a people’s agrarian reform

The game can be pre-ordered on the official website of Expressão Popular

With another donation, the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) sends out another 11 tons of food to families in Gaza

Movement sent 13 tons in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the Federal Government

“Fighting for Rights in Society and Representation in the Movement”

5th Youth Assembly of La Via Campesina

Unity in Diversity: Women and Young Peasants Change the World

The 5th Youth Assembly, which took place on the first day, was organized under the slogans “Unity in Diversity, Young Peasants Change the World”

Via Campesina: peasants’ organizations meet in Colombia to discuss fight against hunger

Conference may be attended by 82 countries; topics include agrarian reform and alternatives to agribusiness

The MST is providing food for victims of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip

The first donations were sent this Monday October 30 via the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane, with around 2 tons of rice, corn flour and milk

MST Solidarity Hands Campaign receives UN Pact Against Hunger award

Project started during the pandemic, delivered more than 1.6 million lunch boxes in the last three years in Pernambuco