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In Zâmbia, Literacy and Agroecology Campaign trains 2,000 people 

Fred M’membe Literacy and Agroecology Campaign continues into its second phase in 2022, where it will go to three other provinces in the country

MST motion of repudiation on the murder of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) repudiates the murder of Palestinian journalist by colonialist state of Israel’s armed forces

Lula: It is the workers who drive the real economy

To Brazil’s former President, the economic recovery can’t be dissociated from improvement in people’s living conditions

MST realiza audiência pública sobre a Reforma Agrária Popular no Vale do Paraíba

Agrarian reform, a forbidden subject

“Agrarian reform” needs to be put back at the political center, but now accompanied by the adjective “people’s”

Our thanks for contributions to the Bicycles for Zambia Campaign

The Bicycles for Zambia Campaign closes with a positive balance

The CPT publishes a report about conflicts in the countryside in Brazil in 2021

The launch of the report, which occurs every year in April, was in person, with the participation of social movements and organizations

2022 Campaign of Struggles carries out marches, occupations, and builds Landless solidarity

For Land, Housing and Bread, landless people march from Feira de Santana to Salvador (BA)

The MST’s Red April launches a campaign for “Land, Housing, and Bread”

The National Campaign of Struggles in Defense of Agrarian Reform in 2022 is happening from April 8 to the 17th, on the 26th anniversary of the martyrs of Eldorado do Carajás

Get to Know the Agroecological Program for the Repair of the Paraopeba River Basin

An initiative of the MST of Minas Gerais in the metropolitan region, the Program proposes reparations for Vale’s crime in Brumadinho

Check out the mobilizations that extended the injunction against evictions during the pandemic 

After a national mobilization, a union of popular movements managed with the STF to extend ADPF 828, which prevents evictions until June 2022

Judges and organizations from 32 countries signed a petition to the Brazilian Supreme Court to extend the moratorium to prevent eviction in Brazil

Almost 800 signers, directed to the ministers of the Supreme Court, defend the extension of the ADPF 828 anti-eviction measure

MST leader João Paulo Rodrigues on upcoming Brazilian elections

In an interview with OperaMundi, Rodrigues discusses Popular Committees and the demonstrations in favor of Lula’s candidacy

Peoples movements take to the streets against evictions throughout Brazil on Thursday March 17

The Campaign for Zero Evictions is calling for demonstrations in the main capitals of the country during the National Housing for Life Action

Act for the Land mobilizes artists and social movements in Brasília

For the MST, the agendas highlighted by the Act also include the threat of evictions that thousands of families currently face across the country

In Lusaka, Zambian women are taught literacy by the Fred M’membe Campaign

The activity marks the end of the first stage, which in total aims to teach 2,000 rural and urban workers to read and write

Socialist Party of Zambia celebrates Ngoni Warriors Day 

Nsingu Day commemorates the struggle and resistance of the Ngoni people in defense of their territories against European colonization on the continent.

Balance of the Agrarian Question in Brazil in 2021 (CPT Northeast II)

The Pastoral Land Commission of the Northeast II publishes the balance of the year 2021 for the peoples of the land, waters and forests. Check out the full analysis:

The future is now: the historic crossroads of the environmental crisis in Brazil

The MST has taken immediate measures to mitigate the effects of the climate, such as the National Plan to Plant Trees and Produce Healthy Foods, which have pointed to the prospect of Peoples Agrarian Reform, with the planting of 100 million trees in ten years, combined with food production in agroecological systems

2022 begins with the environment crying for help

Heat waves, floods and prolonged droughts show how climate change is already present; Check the interview with Marcio Astrini, Executive Secretary of the Climate Observatory

The MST donates more than six thousand tons of food during the pandemic

Just during the Christmas Without Hunger campaign, around 250,000 people received donations in 24 states of Brazil

The Year of Hope for Change

The people needs to build, participate and fight for a new project for the country

Cerrado deforestation surges to 5-year high under Bolsonaro

The data collected by Inpe confirms a surging tendency in devastation since the beginning of Bolsonaro’s term

Literacy and agroecology campaign trains 700 peasants in Zambia

With the objective of covering 10 thousand Zambian peasants, this first phase of the Campaign plans to conclude with 2000 literate people

MST A Christmas Without Hunger: Cultivating solidarity to feed the people

Between the 10th of December and the 6th of January, the Christmas Without Hunger campaign will encourage a supper for thousands of vulnerable families in all major regions of Brazil

Justice authorizes eviction of 450 families in the Marielle Vive camp, of the MST, in Valinhos (SP)

This Tuesday, the Justice Tribunal of São Paulo decided to maintain the repossession against 450 families of the Marielle Vive Camp, in Valinhos (SP)

“Agro isn’t pop”: a study points out that agribusiness produces hunger

Agro-industry not just doesn’t prevent hunger to happen, but also promotes the inequality that creates it

Through Youth and Adult Education (EJA), the MST has already enabled more than 100,000 people in the country to become literate

In 37 years of struggle, the MST has already enabled more than 100,000 people throughout Brazil to become literate. The work has been based on the Cuban literacy method “Yes, I can” and Paulo Freire’s Brazilian Cultural Circle

“Marighella met his audience,” says Wagner Moura to MST in Bahia

The screening of the film in an emblematic territory of agrarian conflict mobilized the militancy and friends of the movement present at the cultural event and in defense of Agrarian Reform

MST intervenes against agribusiness in a prime space at the 34th Bienal de São Paulo

The action is part of the installation of the work “Deposition”, on a separate stand used in a round of trading of commodities in the CBOT financial market, USA

MST occupies and paralyzes Samarco’s for the 6 years of impunity for the crime in Mariana

With the slogan Profit Is Not Worth A Life, the action aims to denounce this model of mining death implemented in the country

National “Cultivating Solidarity” Day denounces hunger and brings hope of food

From October 8 to 16, actions were promoted in the five regions of the country, which included the donation of food from the Agrarian Reform, lunch boxes and meals, debates and online conferences, occupations, among others

The MST receives ILO Social Justice award for acting in defense of the working class in Brazil

The awards ceremony will be online this Friday (October 22)

Food is the right of every human being!

Check out the 10 points below to see why the MST stands against hunger on this journey towards Food Sovereignty

National Food Sovereignty Day: interview with Marco Baratto

National leader points out the role of food sovereignty in a context of growing hunger and poverty in Brazil

Titulação de Bolsonaro wants to leave settled families landless again

The “Titula Brasil” (Land Titles for Brazil) program foresees land privatization and appropriation of Agrarian Reform settlements, which will be made available to the market

MST schools are held up as an example of public education in the pandemic

Mentions are in a study on public policies of the National Campaign for the Right to Education

Ghana’s Socialist Movement: A revolutionary experiment in communication

The organization built an enormous apparatus for the dissemination of socialist thought for ideological dispute and found in mass communication the key to organizing the working class

“Recognition for the MST comes at a historic moment”

Check out the speech by Marina dos Santos, from the Movement’s National Directorate, who represented the MST in the international category of the “Acampa – Pola Paz e Dereito a Refuxio” Award

“Brazilians are hungry because they have no income”, says João Pedro Stedile

To Stedile, businessmen against Bolsonaro are already the majority, but they are still looking for a third way for 2022

Maubere Pedagogy: The construction of a people’s sovereignty through popular education

Article remembers the referendum on the independence of East Timor, held on August 30, 1999, and the importance of literacy

Zambian peasants receive first bicycles to support literacy campaign in the country

100 new bicycles were distributed to all educators and volunteer educators in the Literacy and Agroecology Campaign, developed by the MST together with the Socialist Party

Memories that rescue the legacy of Paulo Freire

Settlers of the MST from Rio Grande do Sul and Pernambuco tell how the thinker marked their educational experiences

MST’s educational experiences in culture and arts maintain alive Paulo Freire’s thought

In the year of the educator’s centennial, the MST is developing a set of experiences aimed at reflection and the (re)signification of his legacy and teachings, which are still current

Young black, LGBT and Quilombola: meet the story of Débora Gomes Lima

“I was a black woman in the middle of a bunch of white guys. So I was discredited”. This is how Débora Gomes Lima describes the hostile experience she lived at university, when she was studying Chemistry. Black woman, LGBT and Quilombola, the 24-year-old from Aragominas-TO, faced countless forms of oppression when seeking academic training outside the community where she was born.

Learning about Paulo Freire: Lisete Arelaro reflects on the thinker’s life and legacy

In an exclusive interview with the Landless Movement’s website, the teacher speaks fondly of the thinker and recalls stories about Paulo Freire

Armazém do Campo: 5 years of the largest network of People’s Agrarian Reform products in Brazil

The network consolidates the brand of flavors and achievements in the struggle of the MST and healthy eating, with organic products and fair prices

Territory and resistance: The challenges of the LGBTI struggle in the fields, waters and forests

Last day of the Via Campesina LGBTI Seminar points out challenges and perspectives

The Via Campesina LGBTI Collective initiates its seminar on sexual and gender diversity

The discussions, divided into two days, involve participants from various organizations and social movements in Brazil, with representatives from Europe and Latin America

Paloma Silva, trans woman, a colored ray in rural Brasil

Strengthening the LGBT identity through collective action for access to water in the Coqueiro community, in Fortaleza

Via Campesina -Brazil discusses Sexual and Gender Diversity in a Seminar

LGBTI people from the countryside, waters and forests participate in the activity