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Territory and resistance: The challenges of the LGBTI struggle in the fields, waters and forests

Last day of the Via Campesina LGBTI Seminar points out challenges and perspectives

The Via Campesina LGBTI Collective initiates its seminar on sexual and gender diversity

The discussions, divided into two days, involve participants from various organizations and social movements in Brazil, with representatives from Europe and Latin America

Paloma Silva, trans woman, a colored ray in rural Brasil

Strengthening the LGBT identity through collective action for access to water in the Coqueiro community, in Fortaleza

Via Campesina -Brazil discusses Sexual and Gender Diversity in a Seminar

LGBTI people from the countryside, waters and forests participate in the activity

Paulo Freire, the people’s educator and political education

The educator revolutionised Brazilian educational thought from the 1960s onwards by incorporating the political element into education, developing a literacy method that allows for critical and liberating action

On Pride Day, Landless LGBTs Plant Resistance

June 28, 52 years after the Stonewall rebellion, the LGBTQIA+ community continues to mobilize with its colorful flag against violence and for rights

MST clarification: Titling is not Agrarian Reform

Bolsonaro lies and pretends to settle families in Agrarian Reform

Hope, 100 years of Paulo Freire

Poster Exhibition “Esperançar, 100 years of Paulo Freire” brings art with elements behind the thinking of the Pernambuco educator

Donate bikes for Zambia and contribute to literacy

Bicycles are the main and most popular mode of transport in Zambia, but those who do not have one often have to walk between 15 and 30 km a day to get to school. The campaign will benefit more than 10,000 women farmers in the southern African country

Anti-Imperialist Day for the Environment: People alive! A Standing Forest! – MST

Environment Day demonstrations took place across the country

In Zambia, literacy and agroecology campaign kicks off

Aiming to teach 2,000 rural and urban workers to read and write in the country’s official language, English, the Campaign kicked off in May

Tens of thousands of Brazilians march to demand Bolsonaro’s impeachment

Protests in over 200 cities and towns in Brazil sparked by president’s handling of the Covid pandemic

Eviction in Amaraji (PE): child was arrested and is being coerced in interrogation at the police station

Other 6 campers were also detained and are waiting for the delegate to continue the investigation of the case.

Fray Sérgio Görgen recalls the legacy of Paulo Freire and visits an MST settlement

In yet another special text on the Paulo Freire Centenary, Frei Sérgio Görgen recalls stories with the thinker

The Sem Terra Newspaper: 40 years of popular communication strengthening the historic struggle of the MST

This Saturday (15/5), the Sem Terra Newspaper completed four decades of publication and circulation, as an instrument of popular and counter-hegemonic communication in the struggles and conquests of the MST in the country

We condemn Israel’s attacks against the Palestine People and demand Israel to suspend the evictions in Sheikh Jarrah!

Collective of International Relations of the MST takes a stand against attacks and evictions on Sheikh Jarrah

The MST and Paulo Freire’s legacy in Africa

An internationalist perspective on the work of Paulo Freire, who spreads a Liberating Education across all continents

Comraderie, the educator’s march towards praxis with the popular classes

Paulo Freire, patron saint of Brazilian education

All our internationalist solidarity to the people of Colombia

In a note, the International Peoples’ Assembly demand an end to the killings of demonstrators in the National Strike

Justice for Lindolfo: LGBT blood is also Landless blood

In note, MST extends all solidarity to family, friends and demands justice

Campaign of struggles: The MST donates more than 100 tons of food throughout Brazil

The actions took place between the 10th and the 21st, during the National Campaign of Struggles in defense of Agrarian Reform in April, in memory of the 25th anniversary of the Eldorado dos Carajás Massacre

Letter to world leaders on the occasion of the Leaders’ Summit on Climate

The way to preserve life, for people and the planet, dear ladies and gentlemen, is clearly in another direction.

April 17: The MST mobilizes in 21 states and carries out actions in more than 50 locations

On the networks and on the streets, the MST pays homage to the victims of the Carajás Massacre

Eldorado do Carajás, 25 years of impunity: interview with Ayala Ferreira

Ayala Ferreira, of the national leadership of the MST, by the National Human Rights Collective, recalls the brutality of the massacre in Pará and speaks of the actions for Abril Vermelho

National Youth Camp kicks off the MST Journey of Struggles

The camp is a place of permanent tribute for the 21 dead of the massacre that this year celebrates 25 years of impunity

Capitalism is the problem, social movements denounce on World Health Day

Hundreds of organizations around the world publish a manifesto in defense of vaccination and universal basic income

Message from the Families of the Quilombo Campo Grande Encampment

“Solidarity is the tenderness of peoples”

Acts against impunity in the Marielle Franco case close the Landless Women’s Struggle Day

In 24 states and the Federal District, MST Women also denounced the increase in hunger, the destruction of Agrarian Reform policies, the increase in violence and promoted the “Out with Bolsonaro” campaign

Literacy and Agroecology Campaign: solidarity and hope among African peoples

The MST Internationalist Brigade Samora Machel in Zambia has been active in Africa since 2008, on the fronts of education, agroecology and women’s organization

Plantar árvores, produzir alimentos saudáveis MST

Forest Voices: ‘A new relationship with forests will cool down the planet.’

Silvio Netto is helping to coordinate the restoration of 2,000 hectares of forest following the devastating impact of two mining disasters in Brazil. But reforestation alone is not enough. He says the way the environment is managed must radically change – socially, economically and politically – to ensure a sustainable future.

Procuradores da Lava Jato pedem regime semiaberto para Lula

From jurisdiction to a judge’s misconduct: what will clear Lula in corruption cases?

Future of cases against the former president will be decided in Brasilia: in the Supreme Court and in two Federal courts

Landless Women reaffirm the defense of life in 15 states and the Federal District

The fighting actions of March 8 also demand the vaccination of the entire Brazilian population and Out with Bolsonaro!

Time to defend life

We are living a war against the virus, but with a disorganized state and a murderous government

Investments in Agrarian Reform and family farming are alternatives to the crisis in Brazil

Destruction of policies to support Agrarian Reform and Family Farming by the Bolsonaro government deeply affected the settlements

Murder of Landless Worker Antônio Tavares will be tried by the Inter-American Court

Antônio Tavares was killed during the repression of a march for Agrarian Reform. On the occasion, another 185 rural workers were injured at the entrance to the capital of Paraná

For the Right of all the people, to free and quality Public Health Care!

“Physical Distancing, Yes; Social Isolation, Never! Collective care to prevent the virus spread, Yes; Demobilized and Silent, Never”

Long live the MST: 37 years of struggle

“A Movement made up of family, of the people, of life, of dreams and of courage”

Egídio Brunetto Popular School: the constant construction of agroecological education

Located in the extreme south of Bahia, the Popular School of Agroecology and Agroforestry Egídio Brunetto proposes paths and methodologies for Agroecology

MST pays tribute to Pedro Casaldáliga on the 93 years anniversary of his birth

Landless workers of the MST celebrate his birth by continuing their legacy of humility and rebellion

Return to classes during a pandemic is a crime!

A return to in-person classes at this time puts at direct risk of contamination 55 million people including students and basic education professionals

Committee holds activities in memory of Dorothy Stang in the Amazon

The nun, who worked with the Pastoral Land Commission, was known internationally for her actions against farmers, loggers and land grabbers in the Xingu region, in Pará. Sister Dorothy was executed with six point-blank shots

Lélia Gonzalez: A Brazilian Thinker

Raquel Barreto looks back on Lélia Gonzalez’s contributions to Black women’s struggles

MST LETTER TO THE BRAZILIAN PEOPLE: For urgent changes! In defense of life and hope!

MST highlights struggles for the next period in defense of the life and rights of the Brazilian people. Forcing Bolsonaro out is urgent and necessary.

MST families stand in solidarity with peasant struggle in India

Mass mobilizations in New Delhi and other cities in the country require the national government to withdraw three controversial laws that corporatize the agricultural sector in India

Six banners of struggle that will be present in 2021

Check out some perspectives that should be discussed this year

Planting solidarity, reaping hope: for a 2021 of struggles and conquests for the Brazilian people

Letter from the National Secretariat of the MST to the Brazilian people

MST-RJ note on threat of eviction for the Osvaldo de Oliveira Settlement

Note from the Rio de Janeiro MST on the illegal eviction, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, of settlers from the PDS Osvaldo de Oliveira, in Macaé (RJ)

In Macaé (RJ), 63 MST settlement families are under threat of eviction

The same judge allowing for the repossession allegedly concerned about local preservation, relaxed environmental laws

MST discusses proposals for building a people’s project in Brazil

In a conference of the series ‘Reflections in Times of Pandemic’, four guests analyze post-capitalist solutions to start a revolutionary people’s project

Brazilian parties and organizations demand freedom from Khitam Saafin and Julian Assange

PT President, Gleisi Hoffmann and organizations linked to the International Peoples Assembly in Brazil deliver document demanding the freedom of activists