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Installation of the CPI is another chapter in the offensive against MST

Official note from the Movement in response to the installation of the CPI against the MST, carried out this last Wednesday (17)

From Asia to Latin America: global agro-ecological produce debuted at the MST Fair

Foreign organizations sell their products and want to strengthen alternative model of cultivation in the world

MST Fair ends after 4 days of activities and more than 320,000 people in downtown São Paulo

MST brought agrarian reform production from all over Brazil and other countries, including more than 500 tons of food

MST opens National Fair in Brazil bringing agrarian reform products from all over the country

Thousands of people went to Parque da Água Branca in São Paulo this Thursday; the free event runs until sunday

Producing at risk of eviction, campers take tons of food to the MST Fair in Brazil

In Brazil, 65 thousand MST families are waiting to be regularized as settlers: “to continue producing, we need the land”

Parliamentary investigation against MST is an opportunity to dispute ideas, says MST leader

João Paulo Rodrigues explains the Commission of Inquiry, talks about the Fake News Bill and the Agrarian Reform Fair

In São Paulo, MST National Fair aims to show the social role of agrarian reform, during CPI

“More than producing without poison and changing production, it is necessary to change the people-nature relationship”

What’s behind the attack against Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement?

The Chamber of Deputies, dominated by the right, has set up a CPI to investigate “the real purpose” of the MST

Why is the mst so frightening?

Born in 1984 and about to turn 40 in 2024, the MST has known, since its inception, that government is like beans, it only works in a pressure cooker

Eldorado do Carajás massacre: 27 years later, movements denounce new ‘rural militias’

“For the martyrs of Eldorado”, says Brazilian Landless Workers’ Movement leader, “we are willing to face this new time”

Organic rice from MST crops: agroecology can produce on a large scale and oppose agribusiness

Using no pesticides and chemical fertilizers, movement bets on bioinputs and community management to expand production

Looking back at Bolsonarismo and its project of cultural and national destruction

During the riots in Brasília on January 8, Bolsonaristas caused irreparable damage to the country’s cultural patrimony, destroying art that represents everything they are against

Acompanhe as repercussões do assassinato de Marielle Franco

Brazilian government orders new investigation into assassination of Marielle Franco

Almost five years after Black human rights activist and councilwoman Marielle Franco’s assassination, the question “who ordered her murder?” remains unanswered

Letter from Luziânia – Message to the Brazilian People

The last meeting of the National Coordination, the MST presented a message to Brazilians with the political message of the Movement, its reflections and challenges for 2023.

Letter from the MST to the Brazilian People – toward the Movement’s 40

Document prepared as a summary of the first meeting of the National Coordination of the Movement in 2023 is released on Friday, January 27

A criminal attack on democracy: Why Brazil’s fascists should not get amnesty

From all the excitement echoing from the red tide that took over during Lula’s inauguration as Brazil’s President, the most significant was the call for “no amnesty”

Elements of the situation in Brazil

We call on popular We and political organizations and all those who fight for a fairer world to join the struggle of the Brazilian People!

Could China help Brazil to overcome its economic crisis?

The economic partnership between Brazil and China, which has advanced greatly in the last two decades, may be one of the keys to reversing the crisis that Brazil faces

Letter from the mst to the brazilian people

The Lula Government will have the fundamental challenge of facing the basic needs of the people on an emerging basis, such as the fight against hunger

João Pedro Stedile: The left and Lula

In part two of our conversation with João Pedro Stedile, he discusses the governability and decision-making capacity of the Lula government in the face of a conservative senate and chamber of deputies

Mobilizing People Power Beyond Elections in Brazil

For an MST activist, a win for Lula in the upcoming runoff vote against Bolsonaro is only one step in a crucial struggle to rebuild the Brazilian and Latin American Left.

João Pedro Stedile MST

João Pedro Stedile: “Lula’s victory is a political and social victory not just electoral”

In part one of this two-part interview, Stedile discussed the major challenges facing the incoming Lula government, the Bolsonarista blockades, and Lula’s priorities for foreign relations.

Lula must save Brazil from savage capitalism, says Federal Deputy Juliana Cardoso

Bolsonaro had accelerated a project that Cardoso says was an “avalanche of savage capitalism. It is a capitalism that kills, that destroys, that makes a lot of money for a few people”

Bolsonarists invade Paulo Freire Training Center in Caruaru, Pernambuco

Message from the leadership of the MST of Pernambuco (Brazil) about the criminal Bolsonarist and Neo-Nazi invasion

Bolsonaro supporters refuse to accept election results

Supporters of incumbent Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro took to the streets across the country denouncing the victory of Lula da Silva in the presidential elections held on Oct 30

The Brazil of hope has won

With almost 50.9% of the votes, Lula, a trade unionist who was also president from 2003-2010

Haitian peasants declare support for Lula’s candidacy for president of Brazil

Haitian organizations organized a rally at the Brazilian embassy to declare their support for the progressive candidate Lula da Silva in the upcoming elections

Map shows the alliance between Bolsonaro and environmental crime in the Amazon

Regions with the highest accumulated deforestation in 4 years had a major vote for Bolsonaro – and it is no coincidence

São Paulo’s largest favela walks for life, hope and democracy

The Walk for Life was organized in Heliópolis, to support the candidacy of Fernando Haddad for governor of São Paulo and of Lula da Silva for president of Brazil

Bolsonaro’s Gimmick: How He Claims to Take Care of Small Rural Producers

In the electoral campaign, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), candidate for reelection, and former ministers highlight the record distribution of land titles, but do not mention that titles are provisional or that the government cut INCRA (National Institute for Agrarian Reform) funds for agrarian reform and reduced at R$2.5 billion [Ed. approximately $470 million] rural credit

A New Lula Presidency Would Be Up Against Steep Odds

Lula currently appears the front-runner in Brazil’s presidential election, a fact that should be celebrated by the Left. But even if Lula wins, the damage Jair Bolsonaro’s right-wing rule has inflicted on the country will be difficult to undo

Bolsonaro cuts universities’ funding for research in health, agribusiness, and other sectors

The announcement was made after the government went back on its decision of blocking higher education budget

Gilmar Mauro: “Defeating neo-fascism in Brazil is fundamental”

The national leader of the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement spoke about the work needed by left and progressive sectors within Brazil and globally to defeat the far right and save humanity

Brazil prepares for a fierce second round presidential election

Following the first round of the presidential election, the campaigns, especially that of right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro, have focused on personal attacks and allegations

Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Movement elects six candidates

The MST elects candidates in the South, Southeast and Northeast of Brazil for state and federal office

This Sunday, World Food Day will be marked by mobilization against hunger and agribusiness

Why are we hungry? We collectively ask this question on this World Food and Food Sovereignty Day, against hunger and transnational agribusiness corporations

Ahead of Brazil’s elections, many voices, one chant

Peoples Dispatch comes to you from the streets of Sao Paulo with just a few days to go before the national elections in Brazil.

Bolsonaro’s campaign uses presidential e-mail to receive electoral donations

Institutional contact indicates that the president uses public officials and services for electoral purposes

Flávia Biroli: “Women reject Bolsonaro due to the economic crises and his conservative agenda”

To the political scientist, women and young people who oppose neoconservatism are putting on the agenda their priorities

MST in RN reinforces the importance of Popular Committees and grassroots work

With the advance in the electoral process, MST in the state emerges with the Popular Struggle Committees

Lula recognizes the importance of the MST in the production of healthy foods

In an interview aired on Canal Rural last Wednesday (September 21), the presidential candidate also stated that his government had settled 700,000 Landless families in the country.

Marina do MST brings to public policy the experience of building the Social Movement

Marina dos Santos presents a proposal for a popular mandate in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro to represent the MST

“The environmental damage that Bolsonaro brought to Brazil is immeasurable”, state the MST youth

Aline Oliveira and Camilo Augusto of the MST Youth Collective explain on Arbor Day, this Wednesday (9/21), the MST will carry out actions to confront the environmental crisis and defend the biomes throughout the country.

Fear and misinformation dominate discourses of Brazilian right

In the lead-up to the general elections in Brazil, the far-right has intensified its campaign of hysteria and fear-mongering instead of providing concrete solutions to the crises affecting the people

‘Viable, just & necessary’: Agroecology is a movement in Brazil

In an interview with Mongabay, three leaders of MST’s agroecology education program share their philosophy, accomplishments and goals

Popular movements promote the fight against hunger this September 7 in São Paulo

The 28th Cry of the Excluded will feature a political and solidarity act with breakfast for 3,000 people in Praça da Sé

September 7: Bolsonaro’s last card?

Behind in the electoral polls, Bolsonaro tries to mobilize his base with a radical rhetoric

João Paulo Rodrigues | Melhor defesa é o ataque

João Paulo Rodrigues: “Brazil has a great responsibility in Latin America”

João Paulo Rodrigues is a member of the national coordination of the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) and represents the entity in the coordination of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s (PT) campaign for the presidency.

In defense of National and Popular Sovereignty

Read the letter of the MST to the Brazilian people

“We need peace”, says MST in letter to Chinese embassy

For the MST, the visit of the President of the United States House “violates United Nations resolutions”