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We started a translation and content organization project on the MST website in English and Spanish. The project is a construction of the Communication Sector with the Collective of International Relations of the Landless Movement.

Below you will find the first translated content and soon we will be expanding this initiative.

Good reading!

Latest news

Planting solidarity, reaping hope: for a 2021 of struggles and conquests for the Brazilian people

Letter from the National Secretariat of the MST to the Brazilian people

MST-RJ note on threat of eviction for the Osvaldo de Oliveira Settlement

Note from the Rio de Janeiro MST on the illegal eviction, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, of settlers from the PDS Osvaldo de Oliveira, in Macaé (RJ)

In Macaé (RJ), 63 MST settlement families are under threat of eviction

The same judge allowing for the repossession allegedly concerned about local preservation, relaxed environmental laws

MST discusses proposals for building a people’s project in Brazil

In a conference of the series ‘Reflections in Times of Pandemic’, four guests analyze post-capitalist solutions to start a revolutionary people’s project

Brazilian parties and organizations demand freedom from Khitam Saafin and Julian Assange

PT President, Gleisi Hoffmann and organizations linked to the International Peoples Assembly in Brazil deliver document demanding the freedom of activists

MST builds collective reparation process for Vale’s crimes

Five years after the Fundão dam burst, the Movement presents agroecology as the seed for a new model of mining

Bolsonaro gov’t to auction off mineral exploration of the Amazon yet this year

Government’s plan for the region conflicts with native populations’ culture and serves the interests of foreign capital

Inform, educate and organize the people’s struggle in Brazil

20 years of the MST’s communications sector outlines the process of resistance and political organization needed to defend the democratization of mass media

MST debates food sovereignty with Bela Gil, Lula, Letícia Sabatella and others

Conference discussed the concept of food sovereignty and strategies for having local and healthy food on the table; watch

Municipal elections in Brazil and capital crisis

Follow elements of the political situation in Brazil

People’s movements gather at the International Week of Anti-Imperialist Struggles

The week of Anti-Imperialist struggles is an international response to the drastic deterioration in the living conditions of the working class around the world

MST holds national tree planting campaign throughout Brazil

The action is part of the National Plan to Plant Trees and Produce Healthy Food, launched by the MST at the beginning of 2019

Since the start of the pandemic, MST has donated more than 3400 tons of food

The donations which initially began being offered by encampments and settlements, today are a part of
two larger solidarity initiatives in Brazil

Brazilian conjuncture: Bolsonarist attacks, environment and popular resistance

In this analysis we bring our reflection on the utraliberal reforms of Bolsonaro’s (dis) government and the country’s situation in the pandemic

Historic day of struggle in Brazil reinvents itself with virtual and in person events

On Brazil’s Independence Day, social movements staged the Shout of the Excluded nationally

A Coup That Still Cries Out

With the coup, Brazilian history recorded the event as a turning point and the beginning of an obscure, reactionary and protofascist period

How Landless Workers in Brazil Are Challenging Unequal Land Distribution and Corporate Agribusiness

Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research releases a new dossier on the struggle for land and popular agrarian reform in Brazil

MST rejects use of the National Force against Landless in Bahia

At a time like the one we are facing, it is outrageous for the government to use force to invade our productive spaces

Lesbian women and participation in the agroecological production of the MST

Glaucia and Cris work in Copavi, in Paraná. They speak about living as a couple within the Movement and the agroecological practice

Brazilian context: Economy, education and politics

The pandemic has accelerated the consequences of the crisis on people, the forms of labor exploitation and natural goods

The Brazilian government is complicit in recent attacks on the Amazon

Growing deforestation and the expansion of illegal activities have been encouraged during the Bolsonaro government

Eviction at Quilombo Campo Grande encampment (MG) lights up an alert during pandemic

Special report on the current situation of camps and settlements in the southeast region

MST-MG denounces violence committed by the Zema government by allowing an eviction amid the pandemic

Eviction at Quilombo Camp Grande camp (MG) lights up alert during pandemic