MST-RJ note on threat of eviction for the Osvaldo de Oliveira Settlement

Note from the Rio de Janeiro MST on the illegal eviction, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, of settlers from the PDS Osvaldo de Oliveira, in Macaé (RJ)
(Foto: Coletivo de Comunicação do MST no RJ)

Dearest comrades,

This afternoon, November 25, the Federal Regional Court judged against the appeal that sought to prevent the eviction of the 63 families of the Osvaldo de Oliveira Sustainable Development Project, located in Macaé (RJ).

The execution of the eviction now depends on the judge of first instance.

We are appealing to the Supreme Court of Justice and the Federal Supreme Court against this illegal and unjust decision.

We will continue to resist and fight so that this eviction order does not occur during the Covid-19 pandemic period, which would be even more inhuman and illegal.

The families of the Osvaldo de Oliveira Settlement are grateful for all the expressions of solidarity and letters sent from different parts of the world asking for the suspension of the eviction order.

The pressure and international solidarity will continue to be very important to win this battle!

We keep counting on you!