“We need peace”, says MST in letter to Chinese embassy

For the MST, the visit of the President of the United States House "violates United Nations resolutions"

C/O Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
Brasilia – Federal District

We are following, with indignation, the provocations of the United States government with the recent trip of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan.

This visit violates the resolutions of the United Nations, as well as the Three Joint Communiqués between China and the United States, which consider China as one country.

We know that these provocations are part of a desperate effort by the US to provoke more armed conflicts, as it happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and, more recently, in Ukraine, whose objective is to maintain the US’ political and military hegemony over the world and sell more arms, serving only the interests of the US war industry, which claims millions of human lives.

We do not need conflicts and wars, we need peace.

We are sure that the Chinese people and their government defend peace, defend the right of peoples to fight against hunger and poverty, and seek an egalitarian development among nations, without supremacy or imperialism.

For 200 years, we in Latin America and the Caribbean have suffered in the flesh the imperialist impositions of the US.

But we are resisting and continue to fight for a more just world.

We express our indignation and, at the same time, our solidarity with all the Chinese people.


João Pedro Stédile
On behalf of the National Coordination of the Movement of Landless Rural Workers (MST)