Agrarian Reform

Unproductive land is occupied by the MST in Caruaru, in the rural region of Pernambuco

Area known as Bonanza farm is claimed for People’s Agrarian Reform
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By MST Pernambuco

From the Pagina do MST

On Labor and Rural Worker’s Day, 180 landless families from the state of Pernambuco celebrated by occupying an unproductive 500-hectare estate in the region of Caruaru, in the rural region of Pernambuco. This is the second occupation in Caruaru, the first one taking place during the day of struggles in April, at the Santa Terezinha farm, which is now known as Acampamento Jean Carlos.

In a note, the coordination of the Movement of Landless Rural Workers in Pernambuco emphasizes that the struggle for land and the confrontation with the large estates are essential to fight hunger and generate jobs and income in the country. The action aims to claim the area known as the Bonanza farm for the People’s Agrarian Reform, since it does not fulfill its social function. “We, as MST, believe that the fight for land and the confrontation with large estates is also one of the central methods of combating hunger, and for the generation of jobs and income in the country,” expresses the note from the leadership.

The property, which is known by residents of the region as Djalma do Bonanza farm, belongs to a family with political and business ties, but so far it has not been used productively for the development of the local community and society as a whole.

This occupation represents another step in the struggle for land redistribution and social justice in the countryside, providing dignified living and working conditions for hundreds of families seeking an opportunity to produce healthy food.

Brazil is one of the most unequal countries in terms of land concentration in the world, where around 1% of the population own almost 50% of the properties. In this context, the MST draws attention to the need for People’s Agrarian Reform.