MST women denounce genocide in protest at the Israeli Embassy in Brasília

This March 8, the MST in the Federal District and Surrounding Area releases a note on protest against the State of Israel and solidarity with the Palestinian people
Photo: André Gouveia

From the MST web site

The Landless Women of the Federal District and Surrounding Area denounce, through this note, the genocidal practice that the State of Israel imposes on the Palestinian people and show solidarity with all the victims of Zionism. On the morning of this Friday March 8, we, 300 Landless Women, held a protest in front of the Embassy of that country, in Brasília, to denounce this perverse policy and demand an immediate ceasefire.

The action is part of the National Day of Struggle for Landless Women. In the Federal District and Surrounding Areas, the campaign began this Thursday March 7, with a moment of study and discussion among Landless Women. Later this Friday March 8, we will hold an event at the INCRA Regional Superintendence, in Brasília.

Since October 7 last year, the Israeli army has murdered more than 30,000 Palestinians, including more than 13,000 children and almost 9,000 women.

Around 60,000 pregnant women are at risk, as Israel, in addition to bombing hospitals (there are already 32 hospitals and 53 medical centers destroyed), prevents the entry of medical items and basic medicines. Furthermore, there are already 7 thousand missing, of which 70% are women and children.

On this Day of Landless Women, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people because we understand that we are united in the struggle for land. Our families, squatters, poor farmers, rural workers, were expelled from the countryside to expand agribusiness. Our dignity gave way to millions of hectares of soybeans, corn, cotton and eucalyptus. Returning to the land, producing healthy food and combating violence and other social injustices is our main struggle.

In the same way, the struggle and resistance of the Palestinian people continues. The State of Israel is responsible for generating more than two million landless Palestinians, expelled from their homes, their lands, separated from their families. The struggle to defend their territories and their bodies is what drives the historic Palestinian resistance. As the motto of our campaign this year states: ‘We will struggle! For our bodies and territories, not one less!”

Our struggle for People’s Agrarian Reform necessarily involves the exercise of solidarity as a value. Therefore, we have already donated 13 tons of food to the Palestinian people. And we will continue donating more. After all, the land is not for generating profit, but for feeding those who are hungry.

We will continue to be mobilized in struggle and solidarity with the Palestinian people. We will march until Agrarian Reform is a reality in Brazil!

Ceasefire now!

Long live the Palestinian people! Long live the people’s resistance!

Free Palestine!

Women in struggle! Not one less!

Landless Rural Workers Movement in the Federal District and Surroundings – MST